Ancient Secrets

This doodle reminds me a little of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Ancient cultures really fascinate me, so there's probably some inspiration living in my brain somewhere. Also, I never can decide if I should color these things or not. Maybe I'll experiment with a color version of this on.

In Space

Another colored pencil illustration. I think it might be cool make a space shooter video game with hand-drawn illustrations, so I thought I'd experiment with drawing a few spaceships. Once I get a few more down, I think I'll make a sample animation of what a game in this style might look like. Stay tuned.

Buggin' Out

I downloaded a cool app/game on the old iPhone called Jazza's Arty Games. Basically, it gives you a variety of suggestions to inspire your artistic creativity. There are a number of different categories that the suggestions come in. This particular illustration was inspired by a suggestion of three specific colored pencils to use create a drawing.


This weekend, I bought some cheap Crayola markers and colored pencils to add to my creative toolbox. I've been leaning more toward digital techniques as of late, and I've been wanting to experiment with different mediums and do a bit more work by hand. While exploring, I figured I'd stick with bargain level supplies, so I bought fifty different colored markers and fifty different colored pencils for under $10. I've already enjoyed working on a few trial projects and will be posting some stuff up here, starting with this marker sketch of a fox:

Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Lately, I've been doing what I can to attract more fun into my life whenever possible. That doesn’t mean shunning responsibilities, but instead working to make more of my responsibilities into generators of fun, positive feelings. I still have a way to go, but I believe it is a noble pursuit.

Today's illustration is inspired by my effort to create more rewarding and fun times every day.