I Could Use Some Cake

I recently decided to try my hand at submitting to some design challenges on Minted.com. I've participated in a few in the past, even won a couple editors picks, but I'd like to do it more often. If I'm lucky, maybe I can't build up some residual income. I'll definitely give myself a bit more time to refine my submissions next time, but it's a start.

Winter Fog

I recently spent some time watching the last of winter slowly fading away. It looked pretty, but I, for one, am happy to see it go.

In Space

Another colored pencil illustration. I think it might be cool make a space shooter video game with hand-drawn illustrations, so I thought I'd experiment with drawing a few spaceships. Once I get a few more down, I think I'll make a sample animation of what a game in this style might look like. Stay tuned.

Buggin' Out

I downloaded a cool app/game on the old iPhone called Jazza's Arty Games. Basically, it gives you a variety of suggestions to inspire your artistic creativity. There are a number of different categories that the suggestions come in. This particular illustration was inspired by a suggestion of three specific colored pencils to use create a drawing.