Me at 49.99.

Wrapping up my 40th year with a self portrait. Feeling lots of appreciation these days for a life worth living, full of ups and downs, adding up to the one and only now. I’m excited for my next year and the continued growth and expansion it’s sure to bring.


Meet Freeze Bot

Check out this brief character animation from the card game Hidden Forces Robo Wars that my friend and I created. I'm trying to start creating some promo for an eventual Kickstarter launch.

Flashy Things in the Sky

I was fortunate enough to get invited for a fireworks boat cruse last night. We had front row seats and I was able to capture a few nice shots.  Here’s my favorite one.


Ancient Secrets

This doodle reminds me a little of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Ancient cultures really fascinate me, so there's probably some inspiration living in my brain somewhere. Also, I never can decide if I should color these things or not. Maybe I'll experiment with a color version of this on.