Backup Disk and USB Illustration

A friend and I are working on creating a new card game called Hidden Forces: Robo Wars. It is a two-player battle game pitting two robot armies against each other. Think Magic the Gathering meets Stratego and you'll get the basic idea. It has been a lot of fun to work on so far.

We conceived of the idea a number of months ago and first started testing and tweaking the basic concept with a normal deck of playing cards. It wasn't long until I was inspired to create an actual deck for us to work with. These really helped bring the idea to life. Now, after more playtesting, we're nearly ready to send the prototype off to the printer to get some sample decks printed so we can have even more people test it. First, I needed to create another couple illustrations for the last few cards we needed in the prototype deck. 

Below are those final two illustrations I worked on today. Perhaps I'll share some of the other stuff on here at a later date.